Early Design Assistance by VTI Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

When you know in advance that your OEM component will require electronic shielding or environmental sealing, you can minimize your production costs by ensuring that its initial design is amenable to the most efficient and effective production methods for Thin-Film Metalization and/or Form in Place Gasketing.

For example, the conductivity of the coating per se is not the driving factor in high-frequency shielding effectiveness. Instead, it is the longest dimension of the case’s opening, which is almost always at the mating seams. Unfortunately, most molded plastic cases are not designed along the seams to accommodate metalization or gasketing, making them difficult to shield from radiated emissions.

In fact, a poorly-shielded seam can actually increase measured emissions by collimating RF energy through the unintended gaps, causing hot spots.

Avoid Production Problems and Inefficiencies

You will benefit from the skills and experience of our production and engineering staff by letting them assist you during the initial stages of your product development. They have extensive expertise working with in-house design and OEM engineers, as well as third-party design houses, injection molders, and prime contractors.

Thus, you will avoid any unnecessary complications that can add time and cost to your production if not considered in advance.

At the end of this collaborative process we will deliver plastic metalized samples to your facilities for prototype analysis and field testing in advance of your early production.

Find out more about our Early Design Assistance here.


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