How can VTI help with my EMI Shielding problem?

EMI, Electromagnetic Interference, is generated to some degree from all electronic devices. The severity of this interference ranges from a nuisance level like static on a radio when a vacuum is running to a life threatening level of aircraft control and guidance systems failing, medical devices malfunctioning, or automotive safety equipment not operating properly. When you walk into a hospital and see a sign telling you to turn off your cellphone that is because your phone is receiving and emitting electronic signals. These signals are EMI and can cause a defibrillator to fire to soon or not at all, IV drips to dispense incorrect doses of medicine, or neonatal monitors to shut down. As we become more and more dependent on electronics in our everyday lives EMI will become a more prevailing concern especially as we enter the wireless age.

We offer two solutions to help you protect your electronic device and those around it. Solution one is our aluminum coating for EMI/RFI/ESD purposes. This is where we vacuum metalize your plastic enclosure with a micro thin aluminum coating. Our coating is so thin that we can even coat the threads of inserts in the bosses of your electronic enclosure without interfering with thread engagement. Our coating provides you with a Faraday Cage inside your plastic housing providing your internal electronics with the protection they need. Our coating is also lightweight and nonintrusive. We can selective mask off areas where you do not need coating or where having coating could result in an undesired grounding effect.
Solution two is our form in place gasketing process. Our form in place, FIP, gasketing process is where we apply a conductive silicone elastomer to your shielded plastic enclosure or machined metal component. Our robotically dispensed conductive silicone provides a protective seal at your enclosures edge to help protect your electronic components.

Whether in the development, marketing, or production phases of your electronic devices life cycle let us help you to resolve your EMI issues. Contact us…..


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