EMI RFI ESD Shielding

VAETEC Thin Film Metalization offers protection against EMI / RFI / ESD threats on your electronic devices.  The aluminum coating is suitable for your Medical, Military, Aerospace, and Industrial applications.  VAETEC Thin Film aluminum coating can be applied to your injection molded, machined plastic, and most rapid prototype enclosures.  We use thermal vapor deposition under vacuum to apply our aluminum coating on to various plastics to include: ABS, PC, PC/ABS, and PEEK to name a few.

Our VAETEC aluminum coating is UL recognized on a variety of plastics.  If you require UL recognition of our coating on your plastic enclosure we can work with you and UL for testing and approval.
Your project is unique to you which is why we build customized tooling to meet your enclosure’s mask line requirements.  Whether you need coating on the inside only, outside only, or a combination of inside and outside we will work with you to get the right tool made to fit your needs.
VAETEC Thin Film Metalization, as the name implies is extremely thin and can be applied to your plastic enclosures inserts without concern for binding.  This can mean a cost savings to you in time and money associated with having to mask inserts where thread engagement is a concern.
Weight is always a concern when it comes to your Aerospace and Military applications.  Our VAETEC aluminum coating is very light weight and in most applications you may see a total part weight change of 0.5 to 1.0 grams.


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